Covid-19 Drop Ship Program

We are dealing with this pandemic as things develop. We have purchased PPE equipment to make our warehouse a safe place to protect our workers as well as assuring that your order is handled safely and hygienically. Additionally, any customer that wishes to pick up their sets will be asked to utilize our PPE equipment. As we go to print, the situation seems to be getting better, thank G-d. As always, we have no idea what will actually be occurring as the Holidays approach. Please bear in mind we are only human, but we plan to put in a super-human effort to try to ensure that everyone gets what they need in a timely fashion. We always strive to do an excellent job and we hope to do so once again, under the circumstances. We must rely on UPS, FedEx, and USPS to deliver your package. There may be some delays that are simply not in our control.


Due to Covid-19, some people may be hesitant to go to Synagogue. We are offering our drop shipment service so we can make sure all your congregants get an esrog and lulav delivered to their homes. Please call for details.


Buying a large quantity of Arba Minim sets for your organization? Selling Esrog Depot merchandise at your Judaica store or on your website? Just collect your orders and send us purchasers’ addresses – and we’ll ship our merchandise directly to their doors. Why bother with the hassle of notifications and pick-ups? Let your buyers receive direct! With Esrog Depot  direct delivery, it couldn’t be simpler.


Call us at 917-651-5182